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Functional orthodontist, practicing in his private orthodontic surgery in Budapest, Hungary

Dr Hermann started his functional career in 2008 when he met Dr Darick Nordstrom and started to study ALF and Dr Nordstrom’s Interface treatment philosophy. Later, as a member of the organisations IFUNA and AAMS Dr Hermann got involved with the scientific groups working in craniofacial functional teamwork. 

He studied cranial osteopathy both in the USA and in France. He started lecturing on the paradigm shift in orthodontics in 2013 and since then he has presented his new treatment paradigm at different national and international meetings. In the light of the functional paradigm Dr Hermann introduced a new definition of the orthodontic specialisation and the craniofacial teamwork. He founded the Hungarian Association of Interdisciplinary Orofacial Functional Treatment in 2013.


I believe that the human body is one indivisable organism. There is no such thing as oral health, sleep health, or any “sub-health” of any organ or body-part. We need to look at chronic diseases as a manifestation of health, or the functional imbalance of the individual. Therefore, the treatment will focus on the restoration of the functional balance.

As a functional orthodontist I treat my patients according to this principle. Bite problems are not isolated. They are only a representation of a global problem. Therefore, as a functional orthodontist I am convinced that the restoration of functional balance is not a one man show. A multifactorial problem can only be solved at a multilateral level.

I have become a member of an interdisciplinary team that looks at malocclusions, bite problems as one manifestation of the functional imbalance. In the teamwork my role is to create sufficient place for the tongue, to stabilise oral and craniofacial functions and reflexes and to establish better breathing and sleep.

As a member of an interdisciplinary team I have realized how responsible I am for the general health of my patients.

As a member of a functional medical team I have realised how fantastic and effective this teamwork is in providing remedy for patients far beyond dental and bite problems. This functional teamwork is a minimally invasive and extremely effective tool for the prevention and curing of chronic diseases. So I have become an evangelist of this minimally invasive medicine, called functional medicine and its segment called functional orthodontics.