Laboratory products

What makes a dental/orthodontic laboratory a reasonable choice? Technology, professional experience, clinical support and customer service.

The new area in Dental Sleep Medicine

The missing link in early functional orthodontics and jaw orthopedics

HermannOrtho Laboratory started to operate in 2008 to make lingual orthodontic appliances. That time Dr Hermann used straight wire lingual appliances besides custom made lingual appliances. In 2013 the main activity of the laboratory became digital aligners.

Dr Hermann developed MyClearBrace his own digital aligner service and this was the time when the lab started to serve external customers. Around the same time besides digital aligners the laboratory also started to make ALF appliances.

Over the years as soon as Dr Hermann developed his concept of craniofacial functional medicine and health centered functional orthodontics he also started to experimentally modify the ALF appliance. This is how he developed the concept of CrossoverALF. In 2020 as Dr Hermann finished practicing conventional and cosmetic orthodontics the laboratory also finished producing digital aligners.

The digital know-how however has been successfully converted to the production of fully digital dental sleep devices and to digital additions to CrossoverALF. The laboratory is situated in Dr Hermann’s orthodontic and sleep dental practice so getting instant feedback is an essential part of the daily clinical work and the continuous product development.

The laboratory is fully equipped with the latest CAD-CAM designer softwares and 3D printers. The manual part of the production of ALF appliances is made by experienced dental technicians that have been working with this appliance family for 10 years. The lab has gained a long experience in customer service, and operates a task management system to control the processes.