The new area in Dental Sleep Medicine

SleepSol Dental Sleep Device (The new passive-active generation of Dental Sleep Medicine)

CAD-CAM dental sleep device with unique biofunctional features

You can spin the object in 360 degree by using the arrow

Extremely durable biocompatible materials
Fully equilibrated occlusal surfaces for superior patient comfort 
Full digital workflow for extremely precise fitting and reduced chairtime
In-built RETENTION – no need for metal ball clasps
Not addition tools required (except for an intra oral scanner)
Precise & secure
Reduced risk of error 
Rigid and flexible, determined by thickness
Allows drinking and talking
Without compromising oral cavity 12
The first dorsal sleep appliance that works with Prof Engelke’s BioFunctional Model
Gift Liplock for maximised vacuum compartment function and so improved airway stability

Certainly the most comfortable condition of sleeping if there is no appliance in the mouth. The reason we prescribe dental sleep appliances is because there is a sleep disorder. The aim is to protect the airway size during sleep. This protection can be passive and active. Once we are prescribing a dental sleep device we will compromise patient comfort.

From the comfort aspect the best appliance will be the lightest, the slimmest giving the tongue enough space and the one that gives maximum patient comfort at full occlusion. These requirements by only a fully digitally fabricated appliance will be met that gives a fully equilibrated occlusal surface. Once we need a dental sleep appliance we will want to give the most possible to our patients. What can be more than a fully comfortable lightweight 3D appliance that keeps the airway open passively during the night?

A dental sleep device that also supports active airway protection. Professor Wilfried Engelke developed his BioFunctional Model that consists of the vacuum compartments that are technically the key to keep the airway size open. With SleepSol appliance we can easily assist our patients to produce and maintain the vacuum in the oral cavity. 

Along with the SleepSol appliance we also give a LipLock vestibular trainer with which you can educate your patient how to develop the body awareness and improve tongue function during the day and night.