The missing link in early functional orthodontics and jaw orthopedics

You can spin the object in 360 degree by using the arrow

Predictable result and treatment time
Compatible with craniofacial functional trainings, like myofunctional therapy
Easy to adapt into the daily practice

While the academic debate whether we should treat kids early, or not still on, there is a growing number of orthodontists, dentists, who understand that changing the morphology of dental arches and jaw positions is absolutely necessary.

They understand that the altered morphology is not a genetic characteristic, but the altered structure that is a result of an altered function of the environmental tissues. In order to change (and retain) the structures we need appliances that not only meet the requirement of the functional aspects (non-extraction, arch development and jaw development, repositioning) but also support the funcional treatment by its size and its applied forces.

In addition to this the best appliances possible will be the one that requires the least amount of patient compliance. There are several appliances that anyhow meet these requirements, however, there are few that also work effectively when the compliance level is low. Here comes the real benefit of CrossoverALF. This appliance family gives the clinician a great versatility to different treatment objectives and easy applicability and case management.

Try out this new tool in your pediatric orthodontic practice and you will never go back to your previous appliance line.